WinX Club Pornography Story: Alfea plain – Chapter Two

WinX Club Pornography Story: Alfea plain – Chapter Two

hi its me Lisa and I need reviews so tell me if I should make a 3rd
chapter but now lets enjoy the 2nd
chapter: fire!

The next day while
flora was looking for the winx she saw helia talking to riven about
something random she blushed and tryied to keep cool by just walking
past him as soon as she did helia noticed her he tried to talk to her
but she ran till she was at a random hall then blush and sighed with
relief after her blush went away the winx found her wondering where
she was going

Stella: hey flora where
are you going?

Flora: Im notsure

Bloom: well come on
lets go to class or were going to late

Flora: I thought we had
15 minutes before class started

Stella: um no we dont
have 15 minutes

Flora: really I must
have been more lost then I thought

All 5 of the winx ran
into the class room 1 minute before class started they all look tired
and tried to catch their breath after they did they took their seat

Peanutbutterandjelly: ok class time for our first recess lets go

When they were outside
it was a little windy but the air was cool flora was looking at the
plants and flowers around the school playground Stella was talking to
bloom and a random girl musa was playing with Tecna the boys were
playing their usual game of football and helia was drawing another
pick of flora and her hair moving up and down by the wind when their
game was over they were talking to helia

Riven: ok dude I think
you are obsessed over her said riven

Helia: no Im not!

Riven: then explain why
you are keep drawing pictures of her

Brandon: dude I dont
think its obsession I think its true love

Helia: LOVE?! Its not
love its a small crush

Bloom: hey flora who
are you looking at?

Flora: *starts to
blush* oh um n-no-no one

Stella: *grins* were
you looking at helia?

Flora: *starts to blush
bigger and redder* u-um n-no.

Stella: dont lie I
know you like him

Flora: ok so I maybe
have a little crush on himdont tell him please!

All 4 winx: your secret
is safe with us

Flora: thanks you guys
you guys want to go to the swing set?

All 4 winx: sure!

They all ran to the
swings but they noticed that there were 10 swings and all 5 of the
heroes were there but there was a clear swing seat next to each of
them (I want to call them heroes now instead of red fountain boys
back to story!) all the winx girls sat at a seat here is the order of
the swings:

Riven and Musa

Brandon and Stella

Flora and Helia

Bloom and Sky

Timmy and Tecna

(sigh I miss swinging
on a swing back to story!)

Everyone was happy and
enjoying themselves but flora and helia barely talked and they
blushed a lot (how cute X3) after 5 minutes they start to do a
contest to see who can jump off their swing the farthest here is the
order of the contest:

Sky 16in

Riven 15 m in

Flora and Helia 15in

Bloom and Musa 12in

Tecna and Stella 11 m

Timmy and Brandon 11in

But when it was floras
turn she jumped off a little too high and she did land at 15 in but
she landed on her stomach hard (thats what happened to me when I
was in 5th grade) when flora was trying to stand on her
feet she shook a little and slowly and painfully was getting up from
the ground

Everyone: Flora you

Flora: *breathes hard
and says weakly* umm yeah Im fine.

Helia: *worried look*
you sure cause you dont like it

Flora: *tries to hide
blush but says weakly* yeah Im fine*coughs*

Bloom: flora I know
youre not fine come on lets take you to the nurses office

Flora: ok

Miss. Brick: what
happened dear?

Helia: she landed on
her stomach hard can she stay in here?

Miss. Brick: of course
come here dear and lay down on the bed and try to rest

Flora: *breathes and
says weakly still* ok*goes to the bed and lays down*

Flora then fell

Stella: can we stay in
here with flora Miss. Brick?

Miss. Brick: alright
Ill tell your teacher what happened to her and that youre going
to be in here with her

Bloom: thank you

When the nurse left 5
minutes later explosion went off and the nurses office started to
be on fire

Musa: oh no flora!

Helia picked up flora
bridal style (yeah he is strong as a kid too hehe) and everyone ran
out of the office just then the halls started to be on fire soon the
whole school started to be on fire 5 minutes later they were finally
outside safe and sound when the fire got put out most of the school
in the inside was damaged

Faragonda: is everyone

Everyone in the whole
school: yes

Faragonda: helia how is

Helia: she is fine just

Faragonda repaired the
school with a spell (yes they know about magic) after the school day
was over flora finally woke up and she sat at her usual seat at the
very back of the bus when helia got on the bus the bus lady said his
seat for the year was with flora helia then sits next to her and they
just blush and they didnt say much

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