WinX Club Pornography Story: Alfea simple Chapter 1

WinX Club Pornography Story: Alfea simple Chapter 1

It was a bright and
beautiful morning at Alfea elementary everything was same old girls
were screaming at the most popular boys at Alfea elementary.






Hi everyone! I heard
there is going to be a new girl at our school! said

Stella while she was
walking to class with the winx and the red fountain boys

When class started
Brandon turned to helia and said

Hey Helia
whispered Brandon


You need a girlfriend


cause the 4 of us has a
girlfriend except you

yea so what?

So I have a feeling
that you will love the new girl

What if I dont?

I think you will

Yea thats not going

Helia was cut off cause
the teacher let the new girl in

Class this is flora she
will be our new student

Happenhe said while
he was looking at the new girl

Flora looked at the
winx and smiled a little then she looked at the 4 r.f.b boys and she
smiled a little but when she looked at Helia she gave him a beautiful
shy smile

p.s. they are 11 years
old just to let you know ok back to the story. Helia blushed 4 shades
of red at flora. Then suddenly he looked at his and the r.f.b. and
the winxs table and there was an open seat next to helia

flora you will sit in
table 1 next to helia. Flora followed the teachers eyes and was
walking to table 1 while she was walking over there helia was looking
at her and blushed 5 shades of red this time

Helias thoughts: man
she is so pretty

Helias thoughts were
cut off when flora said hi to him while she was sitting down

Ok class since there is
a new student in our class we should have her up here and tell a
little about her then we are going outside for recess.

Flora stood and she
said this….

Hi my name is flora Im
from Linphea and I love plants, art, poetry, and nature and you could
say that Im a little shy which I am and thats it

When the whole class
was at recess flora was just sitting at a bench watching everyone
playing, Bloom, Stella, Musa, and Techna were talking about flora.
Helia was drawing a picture of flora sitting on the bench she is
sitting on the other 4 red fountain boys were playing football but
then they suddenly stopped and saw that helia was drawing no ordinary

HER!! Brandon said

No I dont!!

Then are you drawing
her? asked sky

So? What if I do? Said
helia while he was turning 4 shapes of red

I cant help it she
is so beautiful and sweet and down to earth

Hey look flora and our
girls are laughing lets go see said sky

When the winx were
running to the red fountain boys flora tripped and landed on helia
flora got up quickly and helped helia up hoping he wasnt mad at

Are you ok? Im so
sorry! Im clumsy sometimes and-

Its ok Im-Im
f-fine thanks said helia while he was blushing.

Hey are you ok your
face looks red. Do you have a fever or something?

No Im fine thanks
helia said with a smile

flora. flora. you
there? hello? asked stella

Huh? Oh sorry stella

KIDS said mrs. Peanutbutterandjelly

While they were coming
to line up some mean girl pushed flora down a hill she was falling
and landed on helia

Sorry helia some girl
pushed me and made me fall

Its alright it

Thanks youre the
best helia

The rest of the day was
pretty boring when lunch came flora was eating alone then helia saw
her eating alone so he joined her

How come your eating by
your self asked helia

You can join me if you
want but you dont have to if you dont want to


helia sits down and
while helia was looking at his tray he then looks at flora he
couldnt help but to stare at her she was so beautiful to him

when lunch ended it was
time for reading class when reading class was over they went home
everyone went to their bus when helia entered his bus he saw everyone
but flora sitting with someone while he was going to sit next to her
a couple of boys were saying that she was quiet, weird, and stupid
and that made her cry a tiny bit while helia was defending flora she
was blushing and thought that he was the sweetest and thats when
she started to have a little crush on him

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