WinX Club Pornography Story: A Winx Club Remix Chapter Two

WinX Club Pornography Story: A Winx Club Remix Chapter Two

Winx Club Remix

Chapter 2

My first friend

Mommy can I go play, please? Begged Bloom, who was now 5 years old.

I suppose so but stay close, okay? asked Mariam. Mariam and Oritel loved Bloom and so dose the rest of the kingdom. Bloom liked to play with the other children in the fields but Bloom never made any real friends. They all find out that she was their princess and they stopped playing with her. Remember that the King and Queen of Solaria are coming soon, and they want you to meet their daughter Stella.

Okies mommy, bye-bye! Bloom was very excided that someone was coming to play with her, and ran off to see if the other kids would like to play two. Hi can I play with you two? She asked them, they just looked at her.

No, youre the princess, so you cant play. Said one of the kids.

Yeah, you think your to good for us! Snapped another kid.

Oh, okies I gets that a lotBloom looked broken hearted, and looked down at her feet.

You can play with me, Bloom right? Bloom turned around to see who said that. It was a small girl about the same age as Bloom, maybe a bit older. My names Stella! She reached out to shake Blooms hand, and Bloom was happy to except it.

Youre joking, right!? Shouted a kid.

Yeah shes the princess! Were not suppose tah play with her! A couple of kids shouted in union.

So everyone needs a few friends, and Im a princess two! Stella snapped right back at them. Come on Bloom, were leavin! Stella grabbed Blooms hand and they started walking.

But you cant do that Stella. We need to ask if they want to play two. It wouldnt be fairs! Bloom told her, and broke free from her grip.

But they where meanies to you! Why would you try to be friends with them? Stella asked.

It doesnt matter Stella. We need to be nice, even if their nots. Bloom said with a kind smile, So do you wants to play with us!? She asked sweetly.

I do Can I? It was a little boy. He had red hair and silver eyes.

Yeppers, but only if youre nice okies? Bloom told him, and he nodded his head yes. Bloom grabbed his hand and pulled his towards Stella.

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