WinX Club Pornography Story: In the Begining Chapter Legal

WinX Club Pornography Story: In the Begining Chapter Legal

~Rose from the Flames~

Yci looked. Something in the blast must have drained her energy, which was why she couldn’t move when Kadj accepted.

In a flash, the moment the words “I accept” escaped his lips, and his hand touched Congeals…

In a flash, Kadj merged into Congeal. Yci didn’t realize it until it was far to late. She would never forgive herself for not accepting the deal before Kadj did. He took her place.

Congeal let out a scream of agony, only to be matched by the pain across Kadj’s face.

Daphne flew over. A burst of cold, blue, burst of magic fell against her. Daphne fell right onto the ground. Her face made contact with the brick. She could hear screaming.

Daphne looked up and saw all the rubble on the ground- as well as Riquora, Astoria, Yci, Xanra, Ozay, Gale, Zol, and the pixies- fly back away from where Congeal stood, holding her chest as Kadj was merged with her.

Daphne put her palm up and put a sheild around her, breaking the blast.

Soon the burst faded. Daphne opened her eyes again, and saw that Congeal was holding herself in pain.

She stood up and went over to Congeal. Now! She could finish Congeal off. That would be one enemy.

“If you kill me,” Congeal looked up at Daphne. Her face was a mix of pain and agony and smugness, “If I die…If my heart stops beating-” she touched her chest “-then Kadj dies, too.”

Sero and Weis pushed on the pedal. Shelkero had a field of metalic energy and was standing over Nele and Zaera’s bodies.

Sero jumped off of the motorcycle. She pulled up ahead of Weis. Weis followed and ran after her.

Myla stood on the water. Her eyes were closed. She opened a lavender-blue eye and looked up at Eclipse.

“I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this,” Myla said, “But you’re going down.”

“You? Lady of Tides who wants to be a witch?” Eclipse sneered, “I’m sorry, but I think it’s hilarious that you think that royalty has what it takes to be a witch!”

“I’m sorry you think that,” Myla said. Weis stared at his student. Myla was one of the -calmest- students he had, but she was -not- a serious student.

“Lady of Tides,” he mumbled.

Sero ran over to Nele and Zaera. She pulled Zaera’s body up and pulled her back. She ran back to get Nele out of the fighting ground.

Myla put her hand up. A lavender glow formed, then spread down her arm. Her other hand had the same effect. Water spiraled up around her.

“I’m sorry you’re going to lose to nobility,” Myla said, “But take pleasure in the fact that it is in fact that, I won’t be destroying you alone.”

Trish jumped up. She sent laser beams circling around the water. Myla and Trish- without saying a word- forced the water and laser to converge into a single attack and wrap around Eclipse. The water laser didn’t hold her. It stung Eclipse, but didn’t hold her.

Shelkero grabbed Trish’s hand. Neo sat on Shelkero. Their metalic energy flowed through the laser beam, giving it strength. It became a metal rope- like substance that wrapped around Eclipse.

Myla put her hand up and water gushed out. It fell on Eclipse, and pulled her underwater.

Myla forced the water to hold her down. She squeezed her hands into fists to -force- the water pressure to increase. Her arms- along with every other muscle in her body- began to shake. Myla clenched every muscle in her body.


“No!” Myla hissed through the force on her body. (Note: Try clenching your fists and tensing as many muscles in your arms as you can. Your arms start shaking. That’s what Myla’s doing.)

Sero looked up from the two young fairies. She- during the course of the fight- had transformed into her own Enchantix. (Which I’m too lazy to describe. Be imaginative.) Her hands were covered in the fairy dust that she was using to heal Nele and Zaera.

There was no way that these three witches would fight for fairies… but they were. They have the heart of a fairy, Sero thought.

“Myla!” Shelkero called, “Stop it! Stop!”

“Crushing her is hurting you! Stop!” Trish shouted.

“I have to get rid of her!” Myla screamed.

“Myla!” Weis shouted.

Trish sent a laser beam inches away from Myla’s face. Myla gasped, and relaxed her muscles. She fell down.

Shelkero and Trish flew over the water and grabbed pulled her back. She was panting.

The force in the water was relaxing, and Eclipse’s body floated up. Several bones were broken. She had barely enough magic to turn into darkness and slip away from them, back into the shadows of Shadowhaunt where she came from.

Daphne looked around. From behind her, Gale stood up. She had a chance to kill Congeal. Destroy her. One chance. She could do it.

Before Daphne could make a move to attack Congeal, Gale put her hand up. A storm wing wrapped around the two of them.

“I’m sorry, Daphne,” Gale said, “You lost your chance.”

Daphne stared. In a flash, they were gone. Daphne fell down on the ground. Suddenly, the strength of the attack caught up with Daphne. She fell onto the ground of Yci’s home realm. Snow and wind flew around her, around all of them. They all lay there, in the cold of Yci’s realm.

The icy wind seemed like the ice was screaming.

What am I doing? I don’t know if I should end it like this or not. (Either way, there will be more chapters…) I have no idea why I’m doing it like this. I’m going to have a sequel to this (their sophmore year where they get their charmix) and maybe another one (their junior year where they get their Enchantix).

Kadj isn’t coming back in this story. I’m not sure if that means he won’t come back, but for now he’s gone.

Any suggestions? I’m open to suggestions.

There will be some romance. (So far I have a few couples figured…)

Anyway, thank you reviewers.

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